How to “Tightline” Eyes



Tight lining your eyes (also known as “invisible eye liner”) is a great way to add subtle definition to make your eyes look bigger, but it’s also used to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller. Instead of lining the skin above your eyelashes, you line the inside of the upper lash line and in between the roots of the lashes. Filling in the inside of the lash line really creates an illusion of fuller lashes, more so than just with mascara. This technique can be used for any formal or casual occasion especially for your ‘no makeup’ kinda day and it’s pretty easy to master.

For best results, use kohl or gel eyeliner because it’s specially formulated to hold in the wet area of the eye. Enough said; now I will walk you through each step, so grab your eyeliner and follow along.

Before you start, make sure any product you use near your eye is clean. My next article will educate you on how to sanitize your eye liners.


Step 1: Using clean fingers gently lift your lashes upward. You’ll see tiny gaps between your lash hairs; those are the gaps to fill in with your eyeliner.


Step 2: Using your eyeliner, lightly dab it in between each individual lash and get as close to the root as possible.


Step 3: Technically you’re done, but if you want to intensify the look more, you can tight line your bottom lash line too. Gently lift lower lashes downwards and fill in the gaps between each lash.





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