brushes imageAs women, the way we feel about ourselves is deeply linked with the way we look. Most of the time, our faces are a reflection of our inner beauty so we are wise to pay special attention to it. Make-up is one way to enhance our features and to properly apply make-up, we need quality tools.

Make-up brushes are must-have for every beauty lover who desires a flawless effect. Quality brushes are a good investment and if properly maintained can last for years. Just as a painter who doesn’t have a good brush can’t make the best painting, the same goes for make-up brushes. You look your best when you use the best.

For your everyday use, you don’t necessarily need a lot of brushes to wear your make-up. To guide you, we have put together a list of some essential brushes to help you achieve pretty much any make-up look you desire.

1. Powder Brush: The powder brush is a must-have in your make-up bag. This brush is designed to cover large areas of the face and neck so it’s usually the biggest brush in your set because it should give a more even distribution of the product. It can be slightly rounded with thick bristles or have a straight cut head.



2. Foundation Brush: A flawless face is a base for every make-up; it’s the perfect canvas for your make-up look. Your foundation is the best product to provide that perfect canvas. The foundation brush is used for applying different types of foundation. The quality of this brush is very important as it sets the tone for your make-up look. It has to be firm and have very good bristles. It can be flat, slightly rounded at the tip or it can be a stippling brush.

3. Blush Brush: As the name implies, this brush is designed for applying blush on the cheekbone area. The tip is usually round or angled (can be used for contour, applying bronzer or shimmer to selected areas of the face; forehead, chin, cheeks etc..)It helps create a healthy glowing skin and gives depth to the shapes of the face.

4. Eye-shadow Brush: This is usually a flat or fluffy brush, best used to blend eye-shadow onto the lid sweeping from inside to outside. This brush can be used for a light application or an intense look.

5. Angled Brush: This brush is angular in shape and serves different purposes. It can be used to define your eyebrows with both powder, liquid, cream, wax or gel formulas. It can also be used to highlight your eyebrows. Another important use of the angle brush is that it can be used to apply different formulations of eye-liner to your waterline and your upper lash line.

Brush sanitation: Due to constant use of our make-up brushes, it is compulsory to maintain a high level of hygiene to avoid different skin problems. Once you invest in good quality brushes, you must take care of them by keeping them clean and conditioned. Foundation, eye-shadow and lip brushes should be cleaned using a brush cleanser or home remedy liquid soap and lukewarm water after each use to prevent bacteria spread. Other brushes should be cleaned and sun-dried at least once every week.

So ladies… now that you know better, you can do better.


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_DSC6106Have you ever headed out into the day feeling completely self-assured, only to cringe later when you glance in the mirror and catch an obvious foundation streak or a pimple that you totally missed covering up? So here is the gist, without the proper lighting, your makeup can look like a fake-bake nightmare…LOL

The best lighting for makeup application is natural sunlight, but in the absence of natural light, the right light bulb is the next best thing. When choosing lighting for makeup application, LED lights are the future in lighting. Warm white bulb is said to give you an accurate glimpse. Be sure to look out for CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90 or higher on the packaging.

Another important factor to consider is the position of your light. Always position the light source to shine on you directly from the front for ideal results, lighting from above or below will cast shadows that won’t let you accurately see what you are doing. So if you’re near a window, look straight into the light instead of letting it hit one angle of your face, and use a handheld mirror if necessary orconsider sconces on either side of your bathroom or bedroom to create even light and help you avoid major makeup mess-ups.

lighting room



With the flip of a switch on your new lighting, you will be able to perfect your daily beauty routine leaving you looking flawless all day, every day.

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3 Foodies 1 Night in Lagos hosted by Chef Dish





1 Night in Lagos is fast becoming the go to monthly networking event organised by The View Lifestyle. This May, food is our focal point, led by Executive Chef, Dumebi Agbakoba, as she celebrates all things food with 3 food lovers.

“Food is a universal language, it’s brings people and different cultures together.  My fondest memories growing up and through my adult years all have one thing in common –  food.  I have a great love for food and it’s something I believe everyone should experience”. says Dumebi Agbakoba.

Let’s talk about food and the business of food with Chef Nylah, Fitness Trainer Rehia and Absolut Brand Ambassador Lola Marcus on the 15th of May at Samantha’s Bistro.

Proudly supported by Absolut, Zaron,  DRZPT TV, Spice Tv, Bella Najia, Kamdora, Pulse.NG, 360nobs, Seph Image, Supermart.ng, Jaguda.com, Exquisite Magazine, Hello Food, Day and Night, Boredingidi, Spice TV, Ebonylive TV, Lean kid, Afro cab and Unravel GFX.



With a Bachelors degree in Mass communication and a Masters in Communication. She has worked on integrated marketing campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, UAC Foods. She currently works as the Brand Ambassador of Absolut Vodka and Olmeca Tequila.

She likes to take photographs and is a creative problem solver that loves travelling and discovering new cuisines.


Rehia Giwa- Osagie is the founder and owner of Secret Cinema Lagos and Elite box the first commercial boxing gym in Lagos.

Having had a few professional boxing fights in the UK and moved backto Nigeria 2 years ago, he currently coach boxing for all levels and educating people about the sweets science and how best to use this particular sport as an avenue to achieving various health and fitness.

The ultimate aim is to add value to Nigeria’s health and fitness industry by creating an active lifestyle culture through boxing.


Chef Nylah is an American trained chef from the International culinary school of The art institute of Washington.
After serving in the United States Air Force as a nuclear weapons security specialist, She opened up Nylah’s Catering. Her past clients include Samsung, Etisalat and Google.


They say when you realise what your vocation in life is, you never stray from it, no matter what age you were when you made the discovery.

This was very much the case for Dumebi Agbakoba, who had the vision to be a creator and entrepreneur from a young age. So, as she got older, the opportunity to chase the vision came into view, and she powered ahead to make it a reality.

Despite working as part of the media, she forever clung on to her first love; food. Now ready for a fresh challenge, she is transitioning into the role of restaurant chef, maximising on her
natural flair for cooking that she had from a young age, and her ability to cook dishes that don’t just tickle the taste buds, but absolutely ravish them. Bringing with her a wealth of disciplines that has been gained from years of professionalism in an industry that takes no prisoners, she combines a natural talent that is well trained in the kitchen, with methodical practice and a spark that stands out from everybody else.