The One to Watch | Meet JZO

JZO is a menswear Fashion brand founded in 2014 by the Creative Duo of Joseph O. Ike and Olamide E. Akindeinde, fashion enthusiasts with a unique perspective on African Fashion as a whole and menswear in particular. The JZO perspective could best be described as a modern minimalist retelling of traditional African themes.
1- Give us a glimpse into your background (Place of birth, origin of parents, education, training, experience, build up to becoming a Fashion Designer):
We’re both Nigerian born and raised, Joseph was educated in the U.S.where he gained a degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Ola graduated from the Federal University of Technology in Akure with a degree in Biochemistry. We both describe ourselves as avid fashion enthusiasts, and although we have limited formal training in Fashion, in 2014, the opportunity presented
itself for us to “become designers”. To be honest, we still believe that everything that led to this, was a series of fortunate coincidences.
2- What does brand stand for ?
JZO represents the modern African Man. African cultures have long been
known and defined by their vibrant and elaborate costumes and outfits.
Our Brand interprets our identity in a modern setting.
3- Describe your ideal client?
Our Ideal Client has a simple, exquisite and mature sense of
4- Who is the biggest celebrity you have dressed and how did
you feel about it?
Singer Dare Art Alade, Wore a piece from our most recent Collection, Aremo, as he hosted the 2015 Future awards. We were really excited about that cause we felt that that was a fantastic context to showcase our work.
5- Which celebrity would you like to dress?
We have a number of Celebrities on our “List”, of people we’re actively
stalking hoping for an opportunity to dress them, Including: JosephBenjamin, Idris Elba, Banky W.
6- What key materials do you work with?
Most of our pieces are made of 100% Cotton, but we also work
with Linen, and most recently Aso-Oke
7- What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
8- What would you say has been the biggest highlight for y
our brand?
Can you wear Aso-Oke to the office? for a night out on th
e town? If you’d
asked these questions before Aremo, we believe you’d have gotten a laugh as the response was almost an intuitive NO! Aso-Oke is one of those fabrics that are uniquely and entirely African in its origin, its a big part of our culture as Nigerians, we all know Aso-Oke from traditional weddings and functions. “Aremo” Collection has changed the narrative. We’ve
made it okay to carry our identity to every context in style!
For us this is the biggest highlight of our brand this year!
9- What’s next for brand this year?
It’s the end of the year, and so the most important thing
for us now is to take stock of how far we’ve come, and chart a course for where
we’re going.
10- What are the price range of your articles ?
Our pieces range from N7,500 – N53,000 (Blazer & Matching
Trouser Sets)
11- Where can we buy them?
In Nigeria we’re currently stocked at Closet Six Concept Store, Kaduna,
Stranger Lagos, Lagos, Elan Red, Lagos. Online JZO pieces are available on Jumia & Konga. For our clients outside Nigeria JZO Pieces are available online on Anckara Market Place, Ankaramiami.Com, and at the Alessandra Gold Concept Store in Miami.
12- What is your favourite trend for spring and why?
It seems like its going to be a linen spring, its such a versatile fabric, and
has such a definitive look, its lovely really!
Interview by Crystal Deroche for The View Lifestyle.



The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is set to take place 1st to 3rd of July 2016 at the prestigious Eko hotel.

AFWN, (Africa Fashion Week Nigeria) & AFWL,(Africa Fashion Week London) the unique platform that celebrates the best of Africa, showcasing her creativity and colours to the world, bringing about positive vibes of all that’s wonderful, beautiful, stylish and creative.

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This 3rd year edition calls for gratitude, especially to all that have made the years worthwhile. This year’s edition of AFWN’s annual fashion extravaganza is a salute to creativity and uniqueness.  It would be a festival starting from Lagos, Nigeria as the hub in July of 2016 (AFWN 2016) and climaxing in London (a renowned world’s fashion capital) at the 6th edition of the AFWL at the Olympia, West Hall, Kensington.

From Lagos to London, AFWN & AFWL would feature highly creative and very talented designers from all over Africa (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Gambia etc) and the diaspora.

1The Lagos event is slated for the Eko Hotel from July 1st- 3rd 2016. While the London event is slated for Sept, 2016. All we require from you is your participation as a designer, partner and sponsor.

Created by Nigeria’s own Ronke Ademiluyi, founder of the world successful, Africa Fashion Week London.

The View Lifestyle is media partner for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria & Africa Fashion Week London 2016.

3 Creatives 1 Night in Lagos hosted by The View Lifestyle at Samantha’s Bistro


Last series we hosted Zina, Denola Grey and Oge Agu who talked about how they started blogging, the highs and the lows of it.

Next month, we bring together 3 creatives that we are pretty excited about. Womenswear designer Toju Foyeh, Stylist & Designer Jreason and Bag designer Didi Isah.

Join us for a networking mixer, Q & A session, experience zaron and great food on the 17th of April at Samantha’s Bistro.

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Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku, the creative director and founder from whose name the brand, Toju Foyeh was coined.

As a young entrepreneur, she launched her debut collection at Arise Fashion Week in December 2011 and has since then become a style phenomenon in the fashion industry both locally and internationally.


Jide Adedeji, is the creative designer and stylist behind the menswear brand / female wear, JReason founded 3 years ago. Olajide has risen in the fashion industry from humble roots as a stylist to a fashion label designer. His collections have been showcased  across major fashion platforms from Ecowas fashion week to Swahili fashion week.  He has styled at nearly all the major fashion shows and TV productions and now shares his style tips on a TV show titled Style 20.


Didi Isah, a unisex accessory design  label with a design philosophy that has evolved to celebrate quirky elegance that sets a style agenda for affordable hand-crafted design.

Didi Isah’s signature is a true love of old world elegance, and modern liberties, juxtaposed to create a beautiful easy to wear expression that works for the modern man or woman.

The range of jewellery, hair accessories and leather goods for men and women are all produced locally in Nigeria, and the company uses local craftsmen to create unique hand-crafted finished products.



Yetty D as she is fondly called is a woman with many hats. From living as a London based fashion designer to laying roots in Lagos as a Fashion and lifestyle brand expert. Join her as she hosts monthly ‘1 Night in Lagos’ series.




Part 1 | Photos from 3 Bloggers 1 Night in Lagos

Images from 3 bloggers 1 night in Lagos which took placeon the 6th of March 2016 Samantha’s Bistro & Grillhosted by The View Lifestyle Mag Photog credit Anazia Richard

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